Introduction to durable solutions

ReDSS has in 2021 developed a durable solutions induction workshop focusing on the ‘What’. The induction session is a quick ‘what you need to know about durable solutions’ 2-hour online session for interested policy makers and practitioners or for new ReDSS staff members. The objective of the induction session is to strengthen understanding on durable solutions processes with a focus on the ‘WHAT’:

  • Key definitions, concepts and principles.
  • Legal and normative frameworks on durable solutions.
  • What durable solutions means in the Horn of Africa region, including linkages with protection, self-reliance and resilience.

Following from the induction sessions, ReDSS has also developed a durable solution mainstreaming session focusing on the ‘How’ in order to support practitioners with specific tools, case studies on how to have a solutions lens in non- solutions-oriented programs. Although this workshop can be offered independently it is intended to follows the ReDSS durable solutions induction workshop. The mainstreaming workshop focuses on:

  • Defining mainstreaming and applying the ReDSS programming principle
  • Using a solutions lens throughout the programme cycle
  • Examples of mainstreaming solutions in different kinds of programming (with case studies and tools)

Click on the link to download the regional induction power-point presentation
Click on the link to download the mainstreaming power-point presentation
Click on the link to view the solutions mainstreaming toolbox