Ethiopia Country Unit

The ReDSS Ethiopia Country Unit began in July 2018, following the launch of a partnership with the European Union Trust Fund and UNHCR to support the implementation of sustainable and development-oriented responses for refugees and host communities as part of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) approach. ReDSS’s engagement in Ethiopia has more recently expanded to include supporting an IDP durable solutions agenda through outreach to ReDSS members and other actors.

ReDSS Ethiopia focuses at the federal level in Addis Ababa and at the regional and local levels in Somali Regional State.

Key Focus Areas

Latest News & Updates

ReDSS training on area based approaches to inform durable solutions planning

ReDSS has designed a face-to-face training curriculum on area-based planning to strengthen the capacity of actors involved in durable solutions …

Towards a common research agenda in Ethiopia- A research synthesis paper to inform the implementation of the GCR

This synthesis paper is designed to inform future policy making and programming in relation to Ethiopian government and international support …

ReDSS Ethiopia key messages ahead of the Global Refugee Forum preparations

In partnership with its members, ReDSS has developed a key messaging document to support preparations to participate in government-led GRF …

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