Regional Policy Strategy

Despite significant progress, learning and good practice at local, national and regional levels, there remain key challenges to advance the durable solutions agenda and support solutions for displacement-affected communities in our region.

In 2020, ReDSS in consultation with members, developed an updated Regional Policy Strategy to guide our collective engagement to address forced displacement in the Horn of Africa Region.  It serves as more comprehensive reference to the overall joint 2021-2023 ReDSS Strategy.


The ReDSS regional policy strategy is in three parts:

  1. Regional policy strategy which outlines our key recommendations and common actions across four key durable solutions to find and sustain solutions to address forced displacement in our region;
  2. Operationalising the strategy which outlines ReDSS approaches to policy engagement, key achievements and learning and critical success factors to the implementation of the joint regional strategy; and
  3. Regional policy strategy intervention logic which describes how policy actions will lead to the achievement of ReDSS overall objectives.