Somalia solutions analyses update 2019

This report presents a progress review and update on durable solutions programming in displacement-affected communities in three urban centres in Somalia: Mogadishu, Baidoa and Kismayo. It is a follow up from the solutions analyses conducted in the same locations in 2016/2017. These analyses will be repeated every year for the next four years to guide collective work on durable solutions in Somalia and enhance accountability by following the uptake of research and recommendations over time. These annual analyses will also observe the evolution of the durable solutions landscape in Somalia in terms of progress and achievements, challenges and opportunities, and critical success factors to adapt programming. Click below for:

PART A of the report reviews progress and challenges related to durable solutions planning and programming. Discussion is structured around four key durable solutions programming principles:

It also includes eight case studies that reflect key lessons learnt from practice and summary of critical success factors for durable solutions programming 

PART B offers an updated criteria rating for each of the locations based on the ReDSS Solutions Framework

Somalia solutions analyses 2016/17

ReDSS, under the leadership of the government and the UN Resident Coordinator office and in collaboration with humanitarian and development actors have developed district based Solutions analyses for displacement affected communities in Somalia. ReDSS has operationalized the Solutions Framework, to inform safe and dignified (re)integration programming in Lower Juba (Kismayo), Bay (Baidoa) and Benadir (Mogadishu). These three locations represent the main areas of return and are hosting a large population of IDPs. These solutions analyses have also been used to develop joint area-based action plans for the three regions.