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RDPP in Somalia (Kismayo) Endline assessment

Programme Evaluation | April 2021 | Samuel Hall | Somalia | Country chapter

The Regional Development and Protection Programme (RDPP) is a European programme to create evidence-based, innovative and sustainable protection and development approaches for refugees and their host communities in Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia and Uganda. The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs contracted the Learning and Evaluation Team (LET), co-led by Samuel Hall and MDF with Maastricht University and ECDPM, to conduct a progressive effects evaluation over a three-year period, with a baseline in 2018, and an endline in 2020. The RDPP objectives focus on capacity building, protection, integrated services, and socio-economic development for displacement affected communities. The LET implemented a combined quantitative and qualitative evaluation to assess progress on each domain and conclude on the relevance, coordination, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of the RDPP in the Horn of Africa.

Protecting Development Gains in Ethiopia: making the case for crisis modifiers

Shock and crisis modifier | April 2021 | Mercy Corps | Ethiopia | Brief

The brief explains how the follow-on Resilience in Pastoral Areas (RIPA) program has responded to shocks in the absence of a crisis modifier and the potential benefits to be gained from activating crisis modifier

Private Sector Initiatives in Forced Displacement Contexts: Constraints and Opportunities for Market-based Approaches

Refugees and market based approach | May 2021 | IFC | NA | Note

The note discusses the important role that development agencies can play in de-risking private sector development through market-creating strategies, partnerships, and blended concessional finance

Ten years since the ISAC framework on durable solutions

ISAC framework | May 2021 | GP2.0 | NA | Policy brief

The policy brief reviews the application, use and achievement of the ISAC framework on durable solutions for IDPs since its issuance a decade ago

Drought, displacement and disabilities: The challenges facing IDPs with disabilities in Ethiopia and ways forward for more inclusive action

Impact of displacement | June 2021 | Internal Displacement monitoring Center | Ethiopia | Report

The paper analyses the socio-economic impact of displacement on IDPs with disabilities

Moving on: Exploring onward migration of refugees and migrants from East Africa

Onward migration | June 2021 | Mixed Migration Centre | East Africa and Yemen | Report

The paper considers how onward migration has been dealt with in global migration literature, including the various ways in which onward migration has been defined

From Displacement to development: How Ethiopia can create shared growth by facilitating economic inclusion for refugees

Refugee Economy | June 2021 | Refugee International/Center for Global Development Bank | Ethiopia | Case study

The paper analysis the gaps in economic outcomes between refugees and hosts, and illustrates how far refugees are from achieving economic inclusion

Monitoring COVID-19 Impact on Refugees in Ethiopia

Impact of COVID-19 | March 2021 | World Bank | Ethiopia | Report

The report highlights the economic and social effect of COVID-19 pandemic on Ethiopian nationals and refugees

Rapid assessment of the impact of COVID-19 on labor markets in Ethiopia: A case study of the Somali and Tigray regions

Impact of COVID-19 | April 2021 | ILO | Ethiopia | Assessment report

It assesses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on displacement-affected labor markets in targeted PROSPECTS intervention areas in the Somali and Tigray regional states

Recommendations for addressing drought displacement in Somalia

Climate change displacement | April 2021 | IDMC | Somalia | Briefing paper

This paper summarizes challenges associated with drought displacement in Somalia, and recommendations to support policy and programming for durable solutions.