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Understanding the root causes of displacement

Political economy and discourse on displacement and solutions | December 2015 | IDMC | Regional | Briefing and discussion papers

The purpose of this paper is to help re-think displacement in the context of today’s crises. Sustainably addressing displacement requires the work of political actors, development experts, human rights advocates, data specialists and many other stakeholders.

A Framework for Development- Humanitarian Cooperation

Humanitarian-development nexus | December 2015 | Centre on International Cooperation | Regional | Briefing and Discussion Papers

A think piece drawing on collaboration between OCHA, UNDP, UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP, and the World Bank, supported by the Center on International Cooperation developed to inform inter-agency policy and practice.

Uncertain paths to self – reliance in exile

Self-reliance/ refugees’ economies | September 2015 | Humanitarian Policy Group | Uganda | Briefing and discussion papers

This paper presents case studies of IDPs’ livelihoods and self – reliance interventions in Colombia, Darfur, Jordan and Uganda

Refugee return in protracted refugee situations

Return and reintegration processes | September 2015 | GSDRC | Regional | Briefing and Discussion Papers

This paper discusses questions on what refugee return initiatives have occurred in the Africa region; and what lessons have been learnt from successful/sustainable return processes across the world, especially in relation to protracted refugee situations

Leaving no one behind

Internal displacement and development | September 2015 | IDMC | Regional | Briefing and discussion papers

The paper looks at ways in which member states will ensure inclusive and sustainable progress towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Refugee Return

Return and reintegration processes | August 2015 | World Bank | Somalia | Research Reports and Studies

This study analyses the triggers, constraints, and lessons on addressing the development challenges of forced displacement.

Solutions Alliance annual report

Local integration and transitional solutions | August 2015 | Solutions Alliance | Somalia | Annual Reports

The annual report provides a review of the progress of the Solutions Alliance from early 2014 to the end of 2015 and highlights opportunities ahead. It also underscores the upcoming transition towards a new governance framework for the Alliance.

Forced Displacement and Mixed Migration in the Horn of Africa

Forced displacement, protection and data | June 2015 | World Bank & UNHCR | Somalia | Research Reports and Studies

The study analyzes the forced displacement and development nexus, explore the mixed migration phenomenon, assess the impacts of refugees and migrants on hosting areas and communities, identify ongoing innovative interventions, and propose entry points and practical steps to address the development dimensions of forced displacement and mixed migration in the HOA, including regional operations, institutional reforms, and policy changes.

UNHCR Policy on Alternatives to Camps

Local integration and transitional solutions | July 2014 | UNHCR | | Policy briefs

This paper seeks to highlight UNHCR’s policy is to pursue alternatives to camps, whenever possible, while ensuring that refugees are protected and assisted effectively and are able to achieve solutions.

Unfinished business

Internal displacement and development | July 2014 | IDMC, NRC & KNCHR | Kenya | Research Reports and Studies

This paper focusses on Kenya’s efforts to address displacement and land issues in Coast Region.