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Livelihoods and durable solutions | April 2021 | AVSI | Somalia-Kenya | Assessment report

The objective of the study was to assess how many teachers employed in local schools had spent time in Dadaab refugee camps, How many teachers received any type of training in the refugee camps.

Development Actors and the Nexus; lessons from crises in Bangladesh, Cameroon and Somalia

Triple nexus | March 2021 | NRC, FAO & Development Initiatives | Somalia, Bangladesh & Cameron | Report

This report explores, from the vantage point of development cooperation, how to operationalize the ‘triple nexus’ of humanitarian−development−peace (HDP) action across five key areas: 1) partnerships and strategy, 2) coordination and joined-up planning, 3) programming, 4) financing and 5) organizational issues.

National Durable Solutions Strategy

National strategy | February 2021 | Federal Government of Somalia | Somalia | Strategy

The NDSS sets out a collective vision, strategic objectives and principles to guide the implementation of durable solutions programming and policies in Somalia over a 5 – year time frame.

Consolidating Gains – Displaced Women’s Housing Land and Property Rights in Africa

HLP rights for women | May 2021 | NRC | Somalia, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Central African Republic, Nigeria and South Sudan | Report

This report documents the complexities faced by women in Africa in accessing Housing Land and Property rights. It details NRC’s experience on Displaced Women’s HLP rights, including case studies from Central African Republic, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Somalia and South Sudan. Overwhelmingly, the main obstacle to women’s access to justice for HLP rights are repressive norms that limit both women’s understanding of their rights and the options for seeking redress when rights are denied.

IOM & UNEP – Identifying Climate Adaptive Solutions to Displacement in Somalia

Climate change displacement | April 2021 | IOM & UNEP | Somalia | Report

The report explores the interactions between climate change, displacement and urbanization. It answers two key questions in the context of the Somali cities of Baidoa and Kismayo: What factors trigger climate-induced migration? And what adaptive and transformative solutions may contribute to building resilience amid displacement and climate change – at both the community and policy levels?

Ethiopia-the Pre-crisis situation in Tigray

Pre-crisis context | May 2021 | ACAPS | Ethiopia | Report

The report provides a pre-conflict overview of the baseline, background and context of Tigray region

Figurations of Displacement in and beyond Ethiopia- Empirical findings and reflections on protracted displacement and trans local connections of Eritreans in Ethiopia

Self-reliance and resilience | May 2021 | TRAFIG | Ethiopia | Working paper

The working paper addresses the question of how protractedness, dependency and vulnerability relate to the factors of local and trans local connectivity and mobility

Rapid assessment of the impact of COVID-19 on Labour markets in Ethiopia: A case study of the Somali and Tigray regions

Impact of COVID-19 | May 2021 | ILO | Ethiopia | Report

The report assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on displacement-affected Labour markets in Ethiopia’s Somali and Tigray regional states

Child Migration along East African Migration Routes – thematic studies

Protection and self-reliance | May 2021 | Save the children | Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt | Summary

An Executive summary of four different reports based on a program that aims to build the protection and self-reliance of children and youth in vulnerable displacement situation along East African migration routes

The Campaign to end statelessness-January-March Update

Statelessness | May 2021 | UNHCR | NA | Update

It is an update of key events undertaken during the period from January-March 2021 on the campaign to end statelessness