Unlocking protracted situations of displaced communities in East and Horn of Africa

Context and background information about ReDSS

The search for durable solutions to protracted displacement situation in East and Horn of Africa is a key humanitarian and development concern. This is a regional/cross border issue, dynamic, with a strong political dimension, and which demands a multi-sectorial response that goes beyond the existing humanitarian agenda.

The Regional Durable Solutions Secretariat (ReDSS) was created in March 2014 with the aim of maintaining a focused momentum and stakeholder engagement in the search of durable solutions for displacement affected communities. The secretariat was established following extensive consultations among NGOs in the region, identifying a wish and a vision to establish a body that can assist stakeholders in addressing durable solutions more consistently. ReDSS is managed through an Advisory Group comprising of 12 NGOs: DRC, NRC, IRC, World Vision, CARE International, Save the Children International, Concern World Wide, OXFAM, ACTED, INTERSOS, Mercy Corps and Refugee Consortium of Kenya, with IRC and DRC forming the steering committee.

ReDSS Approach and Focus

The Secretariat is not an implementing agency but a coordination and information hub that acts as a catalyst and agent provocateur to stimulate forward thinking and policy development on durable solutions in East and Horn of Africa. It seeks to improve joint learning and research, support advocacy and policy development, capacity building and coordination to maximize coherent and aligned support at regional and country levels.

ReDSS Secretariat represents its members in different fora and initiates strategic partnerships to best support its goal and to ensure synergies for greater impacts. Equally, the Secretariat supports its members to represent ReDSS whenever possible. ReDSS is also the civil society’ representative of the Solutions Alliance – Somalia.

ReDSS Overall Goal

ReDSS’ goal is to improve programming and policy through advocacy in support of durable solutions for displacement affected communities in East and Horn of Africa. In order to do so, four main pillars have been identified as core focus areas.

Core focus areas

Research and Information Management

The Secretariat acts as a resource and information hub promoting a culture of learning and reflection that leads to improvements in durable solutions programing and policies

Capacity Development

The Secretariat contributes to strengthening capacity of NGOs and key stakeholders in the field of durable solutions in the region

Advocacy and Policy

The Secretariat initiates and supports advocacy and policy actions based on evidence to ensure that durable solutions issues are adequately addressed in policies and funding systems (both humanitarian and development and connecting national, regional and global levels)

Coordination (internal and external)

The Secretariat supports internal and external coordination to ensure synergies and maximize opportunities.

Regional durable solutions secretariat in East & Horn of Africa

Key figures on displacement in the region

13.1 million

Total number of estimated displaced people

4.4 million

Total number of estimated displaced people

8.7 million

Total number of estimated displaced people