GISR Report of the High-Level Panel on Somali Refugees

The report summarizes the discussions and key conclusions from a High-Level Panel on the Somali refugee situation. It highlights the need to focus on building meaningful lives for refugees and examines the challenges and opportunities of repatriation.


The High-Level Panel on Somali refugees convened to address the challenges and opportunities faced by Somali refugees. The panel discussed the importance of building meaningful lives for refugees through education, livelihoods, and integration into host communities. They emphasized the need for long-term solutions that promote self-reliance and self-sufficiency. The panel also examined the complexities of repatriation and stressed the importance of voluntary and informed returns. The report recognizes the role of governments, international organizations, and civil society in addressing the challenges and proposes guiding principles to find durable solutions for Somali refugees. Overall, the report provides valuable insights and recommendations to improve the lives of Somali refugees and promote sustainable solutions.


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