ReDSS GRF briefing paper “Advancing multi stakeholder engagement to sustain solutions”


Documenting learning and best practice around the CRRF application in the East Africa region through a thematic approach. It highlights learning from new ways of working as well as opportunities that the application of CRRF has enabled in three key areas: (1) return and reintegration; (2) area-based and locally led approaches; and (3) regional and national level engagement around the CRRF approaches. Country specific examples from Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya as well as the regional level through IGAD are used to illustrate good practice and concrete examples. The paper also addresses gaps and opportunities with recommendations for further development that can be used for planning and policy dialogue beyond this year’s first GRF to support a common agenda around durable solutions programming in the East Africa region. We thank all ReDSS members for their contributions.

  • Click here to download the briefing paper.
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