Learning Events

Learning Events to share knowledge from 4 years of durable solutions programming.

Learning Events

Land tenure security and sustainable housing solutions

This video is part of a 4-part series of learning event videos conducted by the Danwadaag Durable Solutions Consortium. This video focuses on Danwadaag Durable Solutions Consortium’s Housing, Land, and Property approach.

Achieving and measuring (re)integration

This video focuses on the use of the Local (Re)Integration Assessment to measure the consortium’s impact, determine displacement-specific vulnerabilities and IDPs’ perceived integration levels and to inform the design and implementation of durable solutions interventions.

Government leadership for durable solutions

This video focuses on how the Municipal Government in Baidoa – led by Mayor Watiin – was instrumental in realising lasting solutions to displacement in Baidoa. In it, he answers questions and shares lessons learnt from implementing durable solutions with the Danwadaag Durable Solutions Consortium in Somalia.

Featured Videos

Improving Living Conditions of Displaced Persons in Mogadishu | DANWADAAG

The Danwadaag Durable Solutions consortium carried out a decongestion activity in 5 IDP sites in Mogadishu, Somalia, The activity aimed to improve the living conditions and tenure security of 4,588 individuals.

Local (Re)Integration Assessment (LORA): Explained (SOMALI)

The Danwadaag Durable Solutions Consortium developed the Local (Re)Integration Assessment (LORA) to measure progress towards the integration of Internally Displaced Persons in their new communities.

Relocating Displaced Persons Facing Eviction in Somalia

Conflict and disasters continue to drive displacement in Somalia. While some displaced people manage to purchase small plots of land, tens of thousands are living on private land without secure tenure agreements and facing an imminent risk of eviction.

Finding Durable Solutions to Somalia's Internal Displacement

Baidoa, a city in southwestern Somalia, currently accommodates one of the largest populations of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) within the country. Many of these IDPs are living on private land and are at imminent risk of eviction.

Rental Subsidies in Somalia

Displacement in Somalia is primarily an urban challenge. Majority of displaced populations in Mogadishu for instance, reside on private lands, and are paying a form of rent- either in cash or in kind. NRC’s rental subsidy initiative which has been running for a total of 18 months, under the Danwadaag Durable solutions programme aims to provide an integrated assistance package that empowers beneficiaries to assume their tenancy responsibilities at the end of the project.

Understanding security of tenure in protracted urban settings

he term ‘tenure’ refers to a set of relationships that determines who can use housing, land and property; how long it can be used; and the conditions of that use. These relationships are generally governed through statutory or customary laws but can entail informal or hybrid legal arrangements.

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