Common Social Accountability Platform: Results and findings from citizen-led discussions on displacement and durable solutions in Mogadishu

This report is on the Common Social Accountability Platform (CSAP), a digital platform that uses interactive radio to engage citizens and decision-makers on displacement and durable solutions in Mogadishu, Somalia. The report aims to document the results and findings of the first iteration of CSAP, which consisted of a four-part radio series on critical displacement topics. The report also aims to motivate key stakeholders to support a sustainable CSAP solution in Somalia. The report describes how CSAP uses radio public service announcements, SMS messages, radio scripts, and interviews to stimulate public dialogue and collect data on citizen perspectives. The report also explains how the data is analyzed using qualitative and quantitative methods to generate insights and recommendations for decision-makers. The report presents the main findings of the radio dialogue, which include: the high value and inclusivity of the platform for displacement-affected communities; the diverse and nuanced views on durable solutions, integration, discrimination, and evictions; and the implications for policy and programming in Mogadishu.


This report outlines the first iteration of the Common Social Accountability Platform (CSAP), developed by Africa’s Voices Foundation (AVF) and launched in partnership with ReDSS and the Banadir Regional Administration (BRA) with financial support from Danida, DFID and ECHO. The platform was mobilized for a four-part interactive radio series designed to build public dialogue in Mogadishu on critical displacement topics and to gather public opinion to inform ongoing durable solutions programmes and decision-making. The report documents the results and findings of the interactive radio dialogue pilot project. CSAP is built on an interactive radio method used by AVF: radio debate shows driven by citizen input sent in by SMS, or text messages. It has two primary goals. First, it is designed to tackle a crucial gap in connecting Somali citizens to decision-making by maximising the scale and inclusivity of dialogue between citizens and authorities. Second, CSAP provides a robust digital platform to gather and analyse evidence on citizen perspectives, as articulated in SMS responses and feedback to the specific questions posed during the interactive radio show series.


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