Influencing durable solutions: The practice of HLP rights in Somalia

This Advocacy Package on the Practice of Housing, Land, and Property Rights in Somalia provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities related to these rights in the country. It highlights the impact of conflict, displacement, and weak governance on the housing, land, and property situation in Somalia. The package emphasizes the importance of these rights for displaced populations and vulnerable communities, and offers key advocacy messages and recommendations for stakeholders. It calls for legal and policy reforms, capacity building, awareness raising, and the inclusion of marginalized groups in decision-making processes to improve the practice of housing, land, and property rights in Somalia.


This Advocacy Package by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) provides a comprehensive overview of the practice of Housing, Land, and Property (HLP) rights in Somalia. The document addresses frequently asked questions about HLP issues facing displacement-affected populations, particularly women, and highlights the linkages between HLP and the work of humanitarian and development actors.

The policy brief emphasizes the importance of HLP rights and tenure security for achieving durable solutions for displaced populations. It discusses the challenges of HLP disputes in both the places of displacement and places of origin, where conflicts over land and natural resources contribute to displacement. The brief outlines three key approaches to address HLP rights in Somalia, including improving access to justice through collaborative dispute resolution mechanisms, enhancing tenure security through formal and informal land and housing agreements, and preventing and mitigating the impact of forced evictions.

The document also highlights the significance of legal pluralism in Somalia, where multiple legal systems coexist, and the need for a stronger legal and institutional framework on land governance. It emphasizes the importance of integrating HLP rights into development efforts, particularly in urban areas, and recommends collaboration between humanitarian and development actors to address HLP issues and support durable solutions for displaced populations.

Overall, the Advocacy Package provides valuable insights and recommendations for improving HLP rights in Somalia and promoting durable solutions for displaced populations, with a focus on addressing the specific needs and challenges faced by women.


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