Lessons Learnt from the EU Re-Integ Durable Solutions Consortia (2017-2020)

The document is a report on the lessons learned from three EU-funded durable solutions consortia in Somalia, which aimed to support the sustainable (re)integration of IDPs and returnees. The report identifies learning and promising practices in four areas: strategy and approach, consortia governance and management, community engagement, and government engagement. The report highlights the importance of adopting a coordinated, area-based, and flexible approach to addressing displacement, which spans the humanitarian-development-peace/state building nexus and engages with multiple stakeholders. The report also discusses the challenges and opportunities of measuring and monitoring progress towards (re)integration, and the role of the Regional Durable Solutions Secretariat (ReDSS) as a learning partner.


This report focuses on the EU RE-INTEG interventions of three NGO-led consortia for which ReDSS is the learning partner. The objective of this report is to document learning and promising practices from the Jubaland Solutions Consortium (JSC), The Enhancing Integration of Displacement Affected Communities in Somalia Consortium (EIDACS), and the Somaliland Durable Solutions Consortium (SDSC). It identifies the following areas:

  • Strategy and approach, including the use of the IASC indicators and the area-based approach;
  • Consortia governance and management, including the roles and responsibilities of the consortia partners and the learning partner;
  • Community engagement, including the development and implementation of community action plans;
  • Government engagement, including capacity building and collaboration with different levels of government;
  • Learning and adaptation, including the processes and challenges of capturing and applying learning in durable solutions programming

Key lessons learned and promising practices were identified through a desk review of key program documentation and relevant external documents, and 20 key informant interviews with program stakeholders, including RE-INTEG implementing and learning partners, the EU, representatives of government, and partners from other durable solutions consortia.


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