Preliminary operational guide on durable solutions for IDPs and refugees returning

This Preliminary Operational Guide provides practical guidance and tools for humanitarian and development actors to support the implementation of durable solutions for internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees returning to their country of origin. The guide focuses on facilitating voluntary return and reintegration, supporting local integration, and promoting resettlement. It emphasizes the importance of coordination, partnership, and collaboration among stakeholders to ensure effective and sustainable solutions for displaced populations. The guide is intended to be a living document that will be updated and refined based on feedback and experiences from the field.


The Durable Solutions Preliminary Operational Guide provides guidance on how to develop strategies to support durable solutions for internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees returning to their country of origin. The guide is based on the United Nations Secretary-General’s Decision on Durable Solutions to Displacement, which emphasizes the collective responsibility of resolving displacement and designates Resident/Humanitarian Coordinators (RC/HCs) as leaders in the process.

The guide outlines a nine-step model for developing a joint durable solutions strategy, including initiating the process, designating a coordination platform, identifying stakeholders, clarifying core concepts and principles, collecting and analyzing data, agreeing on objectives and responsibilities, drafting the strategy document, validating and adopting the strategy, and implementing the strategy while monitoring progress.

The guide highlights the importance of national authorities taking the lead in developing durable solutions strategies and the role of international actors in supporting and adapting to national structures. It also emphasizes the need for a rights-based approach and the integration of durable solutions into national development plans.

The guide recognizes the significance of resource mobilization and the involvement of various actors, including the private sector and the media. It also emphasizes the importance of legal instruments and progress reporting in achieving durable solutions.




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