Seizing the moment: Stakeholder perspectives on future approaches to hosting refugees in Kenya (Executive Summary)

This executive summary gives a snapshot of the full report against the backdrop of Kenya’s evolving legal and policy landscape regarding refugee hosting, notably highlighted by the enactment of the Refugees Act 2021, the introduction of the Shirika Plan, and the municipalization initiatives in Kakuma and Dadaab towns.


This document is the executive summary of the “Seizing the Moment” report, commissioned by the Regional Durable Solutions Secretariat (ReDSS) on the future approaches to hosting refugees in Kenya, based on interviews with various stakeholders in Garissa and Turkana counties.

It provides a snapshot of the full report, showing the measured optimism about the current changes brought about by the Refugee Act 2021 and the ensuing Shirika plan by looking at the resource and coordination requirements. The purpose of the summary is to assist the multiple stakeholders in translating the vision and foundations of the new approach into a more workable and realistic plan, by highlighting the opportunities and challenges, and providing evidence-based guidance.


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