Regional program learning workshop, Nairobi, June 26-27


Collective efforts in the search for durable solutions have led to long-term programming with long-term funding for different organisations working in this area. There has been increased more engagement from development actors who are committed to support both displaced and host communities in various ways. Together with leadership from regional organisations such as IGAD and respective national governments, actors have been able to monitor progress on being made with the implementation the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) and address related challenges. Nevertheless, better understanding in development programming is still required to fully comprehend what protection means and how to measure progress towards durable solutions with regards to the needs of displaced communities.

In June 2019, the Regional Durable Solutions Secretariat (ReDSS) organised a learning workshop in Nairobi. The purpose of this workshop was to discuss emerging trends in durable solutions programming in the Horn of Africa. The objectives of the event were to create a common agenda and understanding on durable solutions, with expert stakeholders, which would also help in setting the agenda for the first Global Refugee Forum (GRF) to be held in December 2019. During the two-day workshop, panel discussions and working groups were used to discuss thematic and process-oriented issues in durable solutions programming.

Over 100 participants from government, humanitarian and development actors, academia and private sector from Kenya, Somalia, Uganda and Ethiopia attended the event. Click here for the workshop report, here for outcomes and here for the agenda, various presentations and participants’ list.

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