Statement on Uganda Solidarity Summit 2017


ReDSS welcomes the Solidarity Summit on Refugees taking place on the 22nd – 23rd June, 2017 in Kampala, Uganda. The Summit is a key opportunity for the international community and partners to support Uganda’s tremendous effort in implementing its progressive refugee policy model despite hosting large numbers of refugees. Uganda has been hosted displaced populations for decades and is Africa’s largest refugee hosting country with a total of over 1.2 million refugees, ranking among the top three refugee hosting nations in the world. ReDSS calls on the international community to provide adequate long-term and predictable political and financial support to Uganda and its people in such ways that improve inclusive access to services, economic opportunities and infrastructure for all. ReDSS also calls on the international community and IGAD to redouble efforts to address the root causes of displacement and urgently find political solution to the ongoing conflict in South Sudan.

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