ReDSS/ Somali NGO Consortium brief on self-reliance and resilience


As highlighted in ReDSS Somalia Solutions analyses for Lower Juba, Bay and Benadir, the lack of absorption capacities and the lack of reintegration support beyond the return package, there is a high likelihood that most of the returnees will head to the already overstretched and under-resourced IDP camps. The majority of the returnees are not going back home but to urban centres. As we know, return is not a solution, reintegration is and to be successful, reintegration needs to build on self-reliance and resilience programming. IDPs and returnees are highly vulnerable to drought due to their lack of connectedness and so difficulty to borrow and to access markets, little social cohesion and connection to host communities, part of minority clans, etc. This brief addresses the question of how to support self-reliance and resilience of returnees and displaced communities in Somalia in the current humanitarian situation.

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