Brief on the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) Process


Displacement in Eastern Africa is predominantly of a protracted nature. At the end of May 2017, there were almost 13 million people displaced in the region- with 4 million refugees mostly from South Sudan and Somalia, and at least half are children. More than one million children have fled escalating violence in South Sudan, so almost one in five children. Although most have been displaced for several years or even decades, few have durable solutions prospects such as returning to their home, being integrated into their host communities or settle elsewhere. We have a collective responsibility to challenge our structures and systems to do more and better together in the search for durable solutions for displacement affected communities in the region. This is why the CRRF processes in the region are critical to ensure that we address displacement and solutions differently. This change requires political resolve, long-term investments and a multi-sectorial rights and needs based programming approach to work towards prevention and solutions to reduce displacement levels. We, ReDSS members, commit to work together and to be collectively held accountable for the implementation of our commitments as stipulated in the brief below.

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