Partners Briefing Paper – Meaningful Participation in Local Governance Systems for Marginalised Communities in Somalia

This briefing paper outlines challenges and strategies for including marginalized groups in Somalia’s local governance and makes key recommendations for key audiences such as implementing partners, donors, and government. It is based on the research brief of the Meaningful Participation in Local Governance Systems for Marginalised Communities in Somalia study.


This partners’ briefing paper builds up on the research brief of the Inclusion and Participation study, exploring how different stakeholders can contribute to achieving meaningful participation in Somalia’s local governance, particularly for marginalized groups. It outlines key messages for different stakeholders:

  • Implementing Partners: The brief highlights the complexity of inclusion due to Somalia’s social and political systems. Implementing partners should understand these complexities and recognize that marginalized groups often lack the resources and engagement necessary for effective participation. While external actors have limitations, they can support collective bargaining efforts by understanding clan dynamics.
  • Donors: Donors should be aware of the challenges associated with inclusion and manage expectations accordingly. The brief recommends support for longitudinal tracking of inclusion efforts and programs that help marginalized groups access economic opportunities.
  • Government: The brief identifies a lack of incentives and resources for government actors to meaningfully involve marginalized groups. It encourages governments to prioritize supporting these groups and develop a deeper understanding of participation and inclusion practices.

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