Half-day learning event on durable solutions, resilience and Somali led processes


Walter Kaelin recommends prioritising funding that create incentives for UN agencies and NGOs to work together towards collective outcomes and that enhance governmental ownership. Ahead of a number of multi-year resilience and durable solution programmes that will start in 2018; ReDSS in collaboration with the Rift Valley Institute, Centre for Humanitarian Change and the Somalia NGO Consortium organized a half-day learning event on durable solutions, resilience and Somali led processes. The main objective of this event was to discuss how to support a collaborative and participatory process to generate greater collective engagement in durable solutions approaches in Somalia.

The event was divided into 2 sessions which used participatory and consensus building methodologies to maximise experience from across different organisations and approaches to:

  1. Get on the same page as first steps towards common approaches to support Durable solutions processes 
  • What does resilience mean for durable solutions and vice versa in the Somalia context?
  • What would a common vision for Somali-driven solutions look like?
  1. How to take this forward to inform collective approaches and area-based programming?

Click here for all background documents on durable solutions, resilience and localisation in Somalia and here for the final report.

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