Durable Solutions: Perspectives of Somali Refugees Living in Kenyan and Ethiopian Camps and Selected Communities of Return

The Durable Solutions report, conducted by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) in collaboration with Somali organizations, examines the challenges faced by Somali refugees in achieving durable solutions in Kenya, Ethiopia, and their home communities. The report highlights limited access to education, healthcare, and livelihood opportunities, as well as the impact of insecurity and violence on their ability to return. It recommends improving access to education and healthcare, promoting livelihood opportunities, and addressing security concerns to support the safe and voluntary return of refugees. The report emphasizes the need for a comprehensive approach to durable solutions, addressing education, healthcare, livelihood, and security concerns.


The report “Durable Solutions” explores the perspectives of Somali refugees living in displacement in Kenya and Ethiopia and their belief in eventual return to Somalia. It highlights the challenges faced by refugees and the need for durable solutions, considering the long-term implications of displacement. The study reveals that while many refugees would consider returning if conditions for safe repatriation are met, there is also a minority group with limited prospects for return. Access to land and restoration of livelihoods are crucial issues that need to be addressed to facilitate sustainable returns and reintegration. The report emphasizes the importance of integrating repatriation efforts with wider development and peace-building projects, and strengthening the resilience and capacities of refugees to contribute to Somalia’s reconstruction.


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